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Ocean Street, formed by Andy Kropf and Mark Kovaly, is a Nashville-based group drawing from the city’s music culture to create soulful indie rock. A great musical partnership uses each person’s specialty to amplify the other; in the case of Andy, a former professional baseball player for the Detroit Tigers, he’s always had the innate, heartfelt singing that just needed Mark’s veteran musicianship. Together they’ve formed Ocean Street, a soulful rock & roll duo with snowballing momentum. Armed with their unique blend of classic and modern influences, from Motown to Van Morrison, Counting Crows, and David Gray, they’ve won over audiences opening for the likes of Gavin De-Graw, Joan Jett, Gin Blossoms and more. Perhaps their most important convert is legendary producer Norbert Putnam, best known for his work with high profile icons like Jimmy Buffett, Joan Baez, Donovan, and Dan Fogelberg.

With Putnam’s polish, Ocean Street have added a full band breadth to their emotive sound. Kovaly’s keys ring through each song with mood and precision, while Kropf sings with whiskey-smooth melodies. His lyricism and storytelling takes tender, singular moments of loneliness and heartbreak and sees what they look like refracted through his prism. Their stories of lived experiences backed by galloping drums, nimble bass grooves, and shining piano.

Their new EP, Hemingway or Anything, promises upbeat ditties and introspective ballads for fans of stirring rock music, both contemporary and classic. Produced by Putnam and Co-Produced and engineered by Casey Wood (Guster), it’s fresh Nashville soul-rock refined for a new era.



Vocals: Andy Kropf
Keys: Mark Kovaly
Drums: Mac McBride



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Hemingway or Anything

by Ocean Street
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